Prime Pork …

Hello Carnivores !!!

When buying Pork Chops, why not ‘try’ the Rib end chop instead of the usual Double Loin or Centre chop (the one that looks like a little ‘T-Bone’ steak).

The ‘Rib’ chop is essentially “PRIME RIB OF PORK”. Pan fry, Barbecue or bake to medium doneness and, don’t worry … todays’ Pork is free from the old rule “Cook it WELL done” (Trichinosis is no longer the issue it was for our parents).

This is also the section of the carcass that yields the Country “Style” ribs. These Rib Loin Chops have been cut thick then sliced through the loin muscle and displayed bone side down to ‘show’ the meatiness of the ‘ribs’. These are WONDERFUL BBQ’ed. Give them a try, you WON’T be disappointed !!

Don’t forget to use a GOOD, DIGITAL MEAT THERMOMETER … remember folks FAT = FLAVOUR so, I KNOW you’re going to love these as much as I do. They’re ALWAYS cheaper, and pack TONS of flavour. You’ll never buy the Centre again.

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