The Humble Side Rib …

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Selecting the perfect Side ribs. Ok so, … when purchasing your ribs, look for slabs that are well marbled (fat dispersed throughout the lean). This is essential because the fat will break down throughout the (LOW AND SLOW) cooking process and render a VERY tender, fall off the bone, finished product. I know that healthy eating has been front and centre for some time BUT, this is not the time to get all healthy on me … we’re talking about RIBS people, so let’s just say … “everything in moderation”.

There are three ways these ribs are ‘usually’ marketed. FULL Slab, FULL (breast bone removed) and St. Louis Style (breast section removed). The FULL slab has the breast bone attached. This bone is VERY easily removed with a sharp knife, simply cut through the cartilage and discard. The FULL slab (breast bone removed) will be slightly more expensive and has already been trimmed by the butcher (These are usually sold cut in half across the bones). The St. Louis Style side rib is the most expensive (STILL WAY CHEAPER THAT BACK RIBS) and is the rib most often found in restaurants and cook-offs. These have the cartilage portion of the rib trimmed off.

Before spicing, marinating or cooking it’s always a good idea to remove the “membrane”. Work the end of a spoon under the membrane, peel off and discard.

I know some people like to boil their ribs before finishing them on the BBQ (or in the oven) … I personally NEVER boil my ribs because, once boiled the meat ‘tightens’ up and will never accept a rub or marinade the same way a ‘raw’ product will.

Whatever recipe you use just remember, LOW AND SLOW. Spice, rub or marinate your ribs (refrigerate for at LEAST 2 hours to let the spices penetrate) then, place them on the grill (over INDIRECT HEAT) or in the oven at 220 degrees and WALK AWAY! 2-3 hours later, enjoy.

A few final thoughts about ribs (it’s time to move on). Image

Whether you choose Back or Side, prefer them ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ makes no difference … at the end of the day, it’s your own personal preference. Just remember, there’s no shortcut to the perfect ribs. If you place them on the grill and hit them with high heat, you’ll be disappointed. They will flame up like crazy and you’ll need a fire extinguisher handy. AND (if you’re grilling), never put BBQ sauce on at the beginning (unless you’re doing them covered) … the sugar content is way too high which equals … burned ribs.

The key to success is LOW AND SLOW … THANKS FOR FOLLOWING and, if you have a favourite recipe … share.

“Honey, … guess what we’re having for dinner tonight?!” Oh ya … baby.

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