What’s with the Skirt ???

Greetings Carnivores,

A few days ago I was asked a great question about a ‘little known’ part of the Beef carcass called the Skirt (or Hanger) Steak.

Hanger Steak
The MUCH coveted Hanger (Skirt, Butcher’s) Steak

I know most of you have never heard of it. It’s a small part of the carcass (the diaphragm that separates the vital organs from the digestive tract) and … is ‘almost’ NEVER found in retail shops. I say almost never since it’s also know as the ‘Butchers’ Steak because … HE USUALLY ENDS UP HAVING IT FOR HIS OWN DINNER !!!

This little piece of the carcass is almost always EXCLUSIVELY marketed to restaurants (they are THAT coveted!!).

As a matter of fact, from time to time I have seen them show up at the store I work at, … the box accidentally marked as something else. It happens, … BUT when it does, they NEVER reach the meat counter !!! We fight over who’s going to buy them !!! These gems are VERY,VERY popular in Asian and Latino recipes … oh my, … my mouth is watering,AGAIN !!

“HONEY !!!, Guess what happened ??? Yup … the plant sent us Hangers marked as Sirloin Tips again !!!”

Anyway, (I digress) … you CAN find them in Boutique Butcher shops that still cut “hanging” beef … just ask the butcher. If  he hasn’t already put it aside for his OWN dinner, he should be able to help you.

Otherwise, when you see Hanger or Skirt steak on the menu at your favourite restaurant … ORDER IT !!!

The 'Hanger or Skirt or Butcher's' steak
The ‘Hanger or Skirt or Butcher’s’ steak

Excuse me … I have to wipe my chin!!!

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