3 Dressed up as a 9 … the Flank steak

Today Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m going to talk about one of the gems of the Beef carcass: The Flank Steak.

Like the Skirt or Hanger steak I spoke of in an earlier post, the Flank is a terriffic little nugget found on either side of the abdomen (belly). There are only two (one on each side) and because of this, it can sometimes be a little pricey but, if you haven’t tried it you should. It’s a wonderfully versatile, long, thin, flat muscle that can be Fried, Barbecued, Baked, Broiled, Braised, used in a Stir-fry or one of my personal favourites, FAJITAS !!!

Growing up I remember my Mom taking a piece of Flank steak, pounding it with a Meat Mallet then rolling it up with a savory bread stuffing and baking it. OH MY GAWD … it was definitely one of my FAVOURITE meals and a memory I will always cherish of my Mom and her GREAT cooking.

This is typically the piece of meat used in making London Broil and is also a staple in Asian and Mexican cooking. This muscle doesn’t do a whole lot of work but, if not treated properly can render poorly when cooked. The key here is to NOT over cook it. You’ll be rewarded with a spectacular meal.  Just remember to cut it ACROSS the grain.

There are TONS of recipes out there for Flank Steak, give it a go for dinner some night and, set an extra plate … I’ll be over at 6!!

Please take a look at one of my FAVOURITE Blogs from and awesome Chef in California (click here) Jeff Parker.

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Until next time fellow Carnivores, GOOD EATING !

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