Spring Fever … this Winter has me dreaming of my Smoker and BBQ

I don’t feel well today. I’m not sharp. Something’s off.

It’s early March, and while I’m still hoping to get in a few more days of skiing this season, it’s been a LONG, cold Winter. I can’t stop thinking about BBQ’s and Smokers.

Spring Fever 001

Seasonal Affective Disorder is attributed to a lack of Vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin”. Although I do not doubt the medical profession and their diagnosis of this often (for some) crippling winter affliction, this is not my problem today. I get lots of vitamin D, through supplements and the real thing. I LOVE all things outdoors so, the Winter does not see me hibernating. No, this is different and yet … familiar too. I’m feeling feverish, I can’t seem to focus on the mundane lately. My mind wanders. I dream of sweet smoke, curling up to my nostrils. I can’t concentrate. The heady memory of smokers and meat on the grill fill my mind.

The sun has been up for a couple of hours. My days off are never spent lounging in bed sleeping. I am an early riser but not because I am unable to sleep. Being a Meat Head for all of these years (35+ and counting) means my day starts long before the rest of the neighbourhood shakes the dust off last nights dreamy memories. Long before the sun comes up, my two beautiful, four legged, Black and Tan alarm clock pooches, pace around my bed, nuzzling my face with cold, wet noses. “Get up Dad, we gotta pee and, it’s time for breakfast”. No, I don’t sleep in.

It's been a LONG cold Winter
Oh Winter … the grip you have. Memories of smokers and BBQ’s seem so far away. *Sigh*

This morning I’m looking at the cold, frozen lake outside my patio door, the temperature hovers around -12 degrees C. My mind wanders again. I’m really feeling the full blown affects of the fever today.

Spring Fever 004

My beloved motorcycle sits patiently beneath her winter cover and quietly calls to me every time I head out to the garage to start up the snow blower. “Come ride with me Dougie, feel the wind”. Then, I open the garage door and I’m slapped back to reality. The ice and snow from last weeks HEAVY storm still lays high and deep on the ground. There will be no motorcycle today. As much as I love the Winter, for all it’s beautiful snow, my motorcycle, BBQ and smoker tease me with delicious, heady memories of Summers past.

I KNOW my Blogging friends The Patrons of the Pit will be disappointed with me. I’m not really a “fair weather” griller though. I use my “Q” throughout the Winter months … I’m just really looking forward to warmer weather. It’s just too cold out there to use a bag of charcoal as a pillow while I sleep beside my smoker. Soon though.

It’s snowing again. Very light, beautiful, fluffy flakes. Pork shoulders, briskets, ribs, wings and bacon dance in my head, I can almost smell them. The Warbird sits under her Winter blanket in the garage and beckons to me.

Spring Fever 003
The Warbird sits patiently … whispering

The fever is high today. Very high.

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