Pooped ??? I prescribe … RED MEAT !!

Greetings Carnivores,

My wife related a story to me the other day … one I thought would make a good Blog subject, and it goes something like this:

One day last week she was catching up with her girlfriend Rosalind on Facebook. Over the course of the conversation Ros related that she had been feeling “like death”. Run down, lethargic, out of breath, no energy, in general … pooped. She was at her ‘wits end’ when something crazy happened. She had made herself a steak for dinner and, much to her surprise, she felt SOOO much better after she ate. Her question to my wife was … “is it possible that all that was wrong with me was I needed some Iron?”

Was eating steak the magic potion she required???

Biology and Chemistry classes taught me that Red blood cells contain iron. This is vitally important because this is how these cells transport oxygen around the body. If you have an Iron deficiency, your red blood cells don’t have enough iron to carry oxygen to your body efficiently. This is the reason you feel fatigued, breathless and tired, appear pale, … in other words … pooped.

I’m not a nutritionist but I do know that Beef is an excellent source of Iron. This just happens to be wonderful news for Carnivores since Beef and most other animal proteins contain PLENTY of Iron. The darker the flesh, the higher the Iron content. Example: Beef is higher in Iron than Pork and, dark Poultry meat is higher that white.

You can of course get Iron from non-animal sources (but where’s the fun in that???) Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Kale, Broccoli … the list is quite long. Try adding nuts to your diet too but … here’s the craziest way to add extra Iron to your diet: cook with a cast Iron skillet. Yup … Iron actually leaches out of cast Iron cooking utensils.

So, there you have it folks … feeling down? Lethargic? Out of Breath? Grab yourself a nice big 2″ thick Strip loin and put it to the flame.

Dr. Dougie says you’ll be ship-shape in no time.

C.C Jan. 29 2013 005
Load up those Red Blood cells with Iron … EAT BEEF!!

Stay hungry Carnivores

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