Prayers for Boston

Greetings Carnivores,

My plan for today was to write a piece about aging … and it seems we have all aged a little more after the events of yesterday. Sadly, I cannot muster the enthusiasm necessary to get the creative juices flowing into words about Meat today.

My heart breaks AGAIN for our neighbours to the south and the good people of NYC, New Town and now, Boston. My tears, thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of yesterdays senseless act of inhumanity. I believe I speak for all my fellow Canadians who, along with the rest of the free world, are outraged by this latest act of brutality and offer our heartfelt, sincere condolences to all of the innocents who, through no fault of their own have been touched by this tragedy.

Godspeed to the victims and their families

Godspeed to the investigators

Godspeed to the gates of Hell, the perpetrators

God Bless you USA.

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