Yard work? Phooey, get over it and, … smoke some ribs!!

Greetings Carnivores,

Well, … the 1st long weekend of the Summer has come and gone, and what a spectacular weekend it was!

Bright sunshine, moderate breeze, perfect for … chores???

Yikes, … the long weekends of my youth were spent in a carefree way, swimming, hanging out with good friends and … maybe even a little bit of drinking … WHAT HAPPENED???

Oh ya, … with age comes responsibility and, just like death and taxes, … yard work and planting are a Spring passage that’s unavoidable.

May long weekend 20013 004
New fence, planted pots … what else do you do on a warm early Summer day?? Oh ya, smoke some Pork back ribs while you work !!

Fortunately for me, I WAS able to smoke some Pork back ribs but … only because it takes HOURS to do them and, guess what?  Between swapping out the snow tires for the all season radials (they’re not really ALL season around here), digging post holes, building a new cedar rail fence, cutting the grass, planting all the gardens and flower pots, I was grateful I could walk away from my chores from time to time, grab a cold libation and check the progress of my smoker!

Ok so, … the ribs. I started with two beautiful racks of Pork back ribs and removed the membranes from the inside. Then, I painted them with plain-jane yellow prepared mustard on both sides. You can use any kind of mustard, I just happen to like the yellow stuff. Next, I generously sprinkled them with sea salt, and followed that with dried Rosemary leaves. That’s it.

Meanwhile, outside  my smoker was prepped and lit. Mine is a  “water” model but I added Pineapple juice to the pan instead (you can use any kind of juice … it bathes the meat in moist  sweet humidity while they smoke). When it reached 220 degrees, I added my moistened Apple wood chips, stood my ribs in a rack, placed them on the grill, popped the lid on and … went back to work.

As you probably already know … smoking is a labour of love that must be tended to from time to time so … this offered me many occasions to take a much needed break between jobs in the yard.

After 3 hours in the smoker I removed them, generously slathered them in BBQ sauce (use your favourite), placed them bone-side down in a glass baking dish, placed a little more Pineapple juice in the bottom, (don’t drown them) and covered TIGHTLY with heavy tin foil. Hold them in a 250 degree oven until dinner time and finish (to caramelize the sugars in the sauce) on the grill.

I have to apologize here Carnivores. I’m really kicking myself in the butt because … I didn’t take any photos. What a shame too because, they looked and tasted spectacular. I have to pay homage to my Blogging friends in the great State of Minnesota, (click here) The Patrons of the pit. They ALWAYS write the BEST prose and BBQ posts, AND accompany them with awesome photos too. Check them out.

Sorry folks, next time I won’t be sooo remiss … you’ll just have to try this method for yourselves and take your own photos.

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