A little clarification …

Greetings Carnivores,

When I started writing this Blog, I was only posting to Facebook.

I obtained the domain name “Carnivore Confidential” but, everything I wrote was posted to F/B.

let’s face it folks … not everyone drank the F/B Koolaid.

It never occurred to me that anyone NOT associated with F/B wouldn’t be able to read my posts.

Ya, … I know naive but, I digress.

Unfortunately, F/B limits me to 150 words per post and I realized I was losing ‘traffic’. I then started writing short ‘teasers’ for my posts on F/B and asked readers to “read the rest” at http://www.carnivoreconfidential.com, figuring this way, EVERYONE outside of the F/B world could read my stuff if they chose to do so.

Now, it’s come to my attention recently that some people are not comfortable being re-directed, or asked to “go to” another site (from F/B) to “read the rest” of this post at www.carnivoreconfidential.com.”

I understand the discomfort about being asked to go another site … I don’t like that either BUT … I assure you, there’s nothing sinister going on here. I’m NOT selling anything … just sharing my passion and info. with you.

I hate the thought that I ‘may’ be losing readers because of this. Your feedback, likes, shares and support are the reasons I’m still doing what I’m doing.

Stay tuned and … please click “follow” at the top of the page (Carnivore Confidential). You’ll get an email notice every time I write something new.

Until next time Carnivores, stay hungry and as usual, please follow my posts on Twitter @DougieDee and like and share them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/carnivoreconfidential