Nirvana … BBQ and the Great Smoky Mountains

Greetings Carnivores,

Seems like an eternity ago, during the cold, dark, days of yet another Canadian Winter, my beautiful Marital equivalent blessed me with the “Green light” to go on a week long Motorcycle trip with 3 of my two wheeled, like minded, gear-head buddies.

The long awaited day has arrived.

Months of planning, during those icy frigid days, are a distant memory now that the earth has turned on it’s axis, and the days have warmed and grown long.

Spring has Sprung and … I itch to do two things … BBQ/Smoke (meat, of course) and … RIDE!

Tennessee here we come 002
Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains, here we come!

We’re leaving today at noon and I’m packed and ready to go.

The weatherman has been talking all week about a Tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico just west of Florida. T.S. Andrea (small possibility she ‘could’ turn into Hurricane Andrea) plans to head north to meet us on our trip south.

As I write this, the skies are gloomy but that can’t dampen my spirits … I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl this morning, and I can’t wait to roll.

Damn the Torpedoes, FULL STEAM AHEAD !!!

The reason I’m writing this?

Simple, … we’re planning to ride some of the BEST Motorcycle roads the USofA has to offer, through the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee AND, hit some of the best BBQ joints and smokehouses in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina along the way. (My stomach is rumbling and I’m drooling right now).

For a smoking junkie like me … what better way to spend a week of hard earned vacation time: incorporating TWO of my favourite things … Motorcycles AND BBQ!!

It just doesn’t get ANY better than this 🙂

Stay tuned Carnivores … I’ll update you with stories from my trip next week.

Until then, Stay hungry Carnivores and as usual, please follow my posts on Twitter @DougieDee and like and share them on Facebook