Flecks, Specks, Streaks and Ribbons … the key to a well marbled steak

Greeting Carnivores,

I often find it funny in a really tragic sort of way, that the very BEST steaks in the display case are the ones that frequently remain unsold. How can this be?

Simple … education.  Hopefully, that’s where I can be of some service.

Many, MANY times I come across a particular primal Strip loin or Rib eye that is really exceptional.   You can’t easily tell by looking at the outside but, once you start cutting and, it reveals a really WELL marbled texture with specks, flecks and ribbons of well dispersed fat throughout the lean flesh … well, I either set them aside for myself or, I tray them up for you. Here’s the problem: more often than you would think, folks leave the best ones behind because … ewwwww TOO MUCH FAT !!!.

I believe people just don’t know what to look for in a steak … the answer is staring them in the face … MARBLING!

Beef marbling chart
Beef Marbling chart

So …  what happens to all these fantastic, unsold steaks? Well … it’s wonderful, and sad all at once.

When meat remains unsold it is ground into hamburger. Why is it sad? Well … you the consumer just missed out on a beautiful steak because you didn’t know what to look for. And THAT’S sad.

So why is it wonderful? Well … I get to buy some REALLY exceptional Ground beef.   🙂

Back to the Beef … when I’m looking for a steak, I’m looking for one with good even marbling with streaks, flecks and ribbons of fat dispersed throughout the lean flesh. I lean toward something around 4-6 on the chart above. You NEED some fattiness to keep the meat tender while it’s cooking. Remember people FAT = FLAVOUR!!! Restaurant chefs will look for something in the 9-10 range … these steaks will be even MORE tender.

So, … everything in moderation folks … you can’t eat this stuff on a daily basis.

Well, I guess you COULD, as long as you have a portable defibrillator … just in case. It depends on how much you want to punish your arteries.

Oh, and … I believe I’ll have the Angioplasty for dessert please … 🙂

Marbling 003
Flecks, specks, streaks and ribbons … a WELL marbled steak!

Ahhh, red meat … enuff to make a Carnivores heart go bumpity bump.

“Honey … guess what’s for dinner?”

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