Further to the “Perfect Ground Beef Story”


Greetings Carnivores,

I often remember (too late) something I ‘should’ have mentioned in a previous post … this is no different.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention a critical step when grinding your own meat.


This is my little home Grinder, retails for around 130.00 Cdn.

It’s VERY important the meat/fat AND the grinder attachment are VERY cold. The process of grinding creates HEAT and you don’t want to cook the meat as it’s being ground.

For optimum results, I suggest you cut the meat and fat into strips that will easily fit into the throat of the grinder and place them in the FREEZER for 20-30 minutes PRIOR to grinding.

This will aid in keeping the grinder ‘head’ cool while it works it’s magic.

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8 thoughts on “Further to the “Perfect Ground Beef Story”

    • The Kitchenaid is wonderful for ‘home’ use … if you’re thinking about anything other than that … you’ll need a bigger more ‘commercial’ machine. I have a small Cuisinart unit (retails for about 130.00 Cdn) that works just GREAT !! I can even make sausage (with the stuffer attachment)

  1. Great tips. Heat is your enemy when grinding meat. You make much sausage? We switched over from using our grinder as a stuffer to using a dedicated stuffer (LEM #5). Makes is so much easier. Keep up the great work, love you site.

  2. This reminds me I have an old meat grinder circa 1950’s probably. I was thinking about making pork sausages, as here in Portugal we have the world’s best pork, but I miss a proper English banger. If I grind the pork myself, how do you feel about adding the spices and herbs to the pork going through the grinder? Or should I grind meat first, then mix in spices by hand after? Thanks.

    • I have had success BOTH ways. I find the seasonings tend to work into the meat better if they’re added after the initial grind BUT … that’s ONLY if you intend on grinding it TWICE. For a proper ‘coarse’ ground pork sausage you must add the seasoning to the meat BEFORE it passes through the grinder for the first time then, hand mixing will further distribute the spices. To keep the grinder ‘head’ cool, try adding ice as you grind … this will serve the dual purpose of keeping the attachment cool while adding all important moisture. GOOD LUCK and thanks for commenting and following Cynthia 🙂 !!

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