Hola Amigos !!

Greetings Carnivores,

Well, I’m back home (late last night) from the BEST vacation I’ve EVER had.

Forget the rest of Mexico people.!! Don’t walk … RUN to your travel agent and book your next holiday to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas/San Jose Del Cabo area.  Two towns, one very old the other fairly new, together they’re known as Los Cabos.

Relax in the warm weather, meet friendly people, experience GREAT nightlife, enjoy wonderful restaurants, swim, snorkel and Scuba in the warm Sea of Cortez … I could go on and on.

I’m working on a post that details an AWESOME experience I had while visiting Huerta Los Tamarindos, an Organic Farm/Restaurant/Cooking school in Cabo last Saturday evening, where I got the chance to ‘man’ the grill !

What an amazing evening for a crazy foodie like me !!

Until then, thanks for reading and following. Please come back and comment, ‘like’ and ‘follow’ my posts through WordPress, Facebook (www.facebook.com/carnivoreconfidential) and Twitter (@DougieDee).  I will do my very best to continue to bring you informative, educational and hopefully well written, witty dialogue.

I REALLY appreciate your support.

Stay hungry Carnivores

9 thoughts on “Hola Amigos !!

    • We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva (formerly the Barcelo Deluxe). Sorry Dot, I can’t tell you how much it was for the all inclusive because … my Wife and her AWESOME team at GFS WON THE TRIP !!! 44 of us went to Cabo … and what a trip!! Check it out online or with your travel agent. I CAN tell you that Kelly and I added 3 days to our trip at a cost of almost 1000.00 … sounds pricey but I sure can’t complain because the rest was on the GFS tab. Serious, bucket list destination FOR SURE !!

  1. Hola Doug! from someone that had the pleasure of enjoying watching your grilling expertise at Los Tamarindos … it’s great to see you sharing the experience for others to put on their must-do lists!

    • OMG … HI NICOLE !!
      What a GREAT trip we had!! THANKS FOR FOLLOWING … I’ll try not to let you down!! 🙂
      All the best to you and John and … PLEASE stay in touch !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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