Flecks, Specks, Streaks and Ribbons … the key to a well marbled steak

Greetings Carnivores,
In the absence of writing something new (forgive me … this time of the year has me REALLY hopping) I re-direct you to a post I wrote a while back. I get asked daily about what to look for in a good steak … take a look.
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Carnivore Confidential

Greeting Carnivores,

I often find it funny in a really tragic sort of way, that the very BEST steaks in the display case are the ones that frequently remain unsold. How can this be?

Simple … education.  Hopefully, that’s where I can be of some service.

Many, MANY times I come across a particular primal Strip loin or Rib eye that is really exceptional.   You can’t easily tell by looking at the outside but, once you start cutting and, it reveals a really WELL marbled texture with specks, flecks and ribbons of well dispersed fat throughout the lean flesh … well, I either set them aside for myself or, I tray them up for you. Here’s the problem: more often than you would think, folks leave the best ones behind because … ewwwww TOO MUCH FAT !!!.

I believe people just don’t know what to look for in a…

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