You’ve been Slimed

I get asked all the time about this … in case you missed it the first time around, I present a post I wrote last year regarding the so-called “Pink Slime”. Read on Carnivores …

Carnivore Confidential

Good Morning Carnivores,

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. There are quite often ‘Hot Button’ topics I’m asked to explain, this is one I’ve been asked about a LOT lately.

What I’m about to write will come as a surprise to some of you, some of you are already aware of this ‘Process’.


It makes headlines, sells newspapers and leads off the evening news. Sometimes it’s good for careers, sometimes it shatters them. Often it provokes an angry reaction.

This topic is one of those that provokes an angry reaction.

You’ve all heard the term “mechanically separated”. If you haven’t, take a look at a package of Hot Dogs.

‘Mechanically separated’

It’s been going on since processed meats have been available, and it refers to a “heat-treated method” the industry uses to extract every available ounce of usable meat from a carcass, once an animal has been…

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2 thoughts on “You’ve been Slimed

    • You know … doing what I do, you’d think I would have a heart of stone for the animals I’ve been butchering for 35+ years but actually … it’s the opposite. I’ve hunted and fished all my life but … for the past few (many years) I’m REALLY struggling to reconcile my love of meat and the poor animals we consume. I guess I’m becoming soft in my old age … *sigh*. I’ve sold all my guns, I no longer hunt and … I have REALLY gut wrenching sadness EVERY TIME I see a truck of livestock on the 401. I used to date a girl who’s father was a veal calf producer … I just can’t eat veal to this day because of that relationship … not that the animals were abused … it’s just soooooo crushingly sad to see them so young, kept in the dark, immobile and fed nothing but a milk supplement. Seriously … I write about this business AND I”M A MEAT EATER but … I’m becoming so soft in my years … bless you Liz …

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