Today’s Butcher tip … BUY PRIMALS FOLKS !!!

Greetings carnivores,

I usually have a story of some sort for you but … today, just a no nonsense approach to saving some cold, hard cash.

The next time you go shopping, consider buying a “Primal” cut and cutting it yourself. As long as you have a sharp knife it’s dead simple, and … you can save yourself a bundle with just a “little” help from me 🙂 .

Today, I’m going to walk you through a BONELESS PORK LOIN PRIMAL.

A “Primal” is a whole muscle, vacuum packed in plastic and, you can buy these bad boys anywhere. They’re always MUCH cheaper because there’s no labour involved in it for the retailer. You get to cut it yourself AND, with the money you save you can send your kids to College or maybe buy yourselves a delicious manly (or womanly) beverage. Either way, you’re going to be richer at the end of the day so … let’s get busy shall we? You’ll end up giving yourself a BIG pat on the back when you’re done.


So … this is it … the whole, boneless Pork Loin Primal …


And, … these are just a few of the things you can do to it with a sharp knife.


Cut the rib section off for a BEAUTIFUL Pork roast. This my FAVOURITE cut for roasting. It is essentially boneless Prime Rib of pork. DELICIOUS !!!


The opposite end (known as the tenderloin or chump end) can be roasted as well.


The rest of the loin can be cut into thick cut “Butterfly” chops …


Thick cut “Single” loin chops …


Thin, “Fast Fry” chops …


Pound them for Scallopini …


Cubed for fondue …


Stew …


SOOOOO versatile.

The “other” white meat is one of my personal favourites. There is an almost endless number of things you can do to this wonderful cut. They’re always cheap and, often on sale.

I buy them when they’re on sale and throw them into the freezer. Click here for a post I wrote a while back on proper freezing techniques.

I hope you’ll try this and let me know how you made out … I LOVE getting comments and questions so, keep ‘em coming. 🙂

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