Red, spicy, delicious Mexican Chorizo sausage … now we’re talking!


Greetings Carnivores,

The other day I was reading another bloggers post on sausage making, and I was whisked back a number of years (30ish) to a magical time in my life when I was living in Southern California.

Today I want to talk about another Southern California staple, the wonderful, slightly spicy, Mexican Chorizo sausage.

Not to be confused with Spanish Chorizo which is a fermented, cured and dried, salami-like sausage that can be sliced and eaten right away, the Mexican version (which I prefer) is a ‘fresh’ pork sausage and must be cooked.

Just so we are clear here … the two are VERY different.

Ok so, … Mexican Chorizo is a pork sausage that has a beautiful red colour and spiciness it gets from the key ingredient, Ancho chile powder.

*side note*  If you’d like to make it healthier, substitute ground Turkey for the Pork.

It can be either be stuffed into a sausage casing but most often it’s not. It’s a staple ingredient in a HUGE number of Tex-Mex dishes. I always use it in my favourite Tacos and Burritos and, it’s wonderful with eggs for breakfast 🙂

Like me, you’ll probably have to make your own since I just can’t find it anywhere outside of the southern states … Google a Mexican Chorizo Sausage recipe and get started.

FYI, … I ALWAYS use disposable gloves when I make this, otherwise your hands will be stained red from the Ancho Chilies.

That’s it for today Carnivores. Short and sweet. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Red, spicy, delicious Mexican Chorizo sausage … now we’re talking!

  1. I love the Mexican chorizo! I just made about 4 lbs here a few weeks back. We have a great spice store here in town and they have their own seasoning mix for all different kinds of sausages. I just discovered them last year when I bought my grinder. Check them out here if ya like: I made some mac-n-cheese with chorizo and it was awesome! Also makes a fantastic “burger”. 🙂 I have never had the Spanish version though…gonna have to try it.

    • Agreed … when I was living is So Cal, I called a buddy of mine back home in Canada (who owns a butcher shop), to tell him about this wonderful sausage … he found a recipe, whipped a batch up and sold in his shop as “Dougie’s Mexican Sausage” 🙂
      Thanks for chiming in Tony 🙂

  2. Turkey instead of pork? Let me wipe a tear of laughter from my eye. San Manuel Chorizo is just down the road from us here in South Texas. However, I just have to learn to make my own with our freezer full of wild pork. I’ll be checking with you for pointers.

  3. I wanted to help correct an error in this posting and the one you wrote before about Santa Maria style bbq particularly tri-tip. Us native Santa Marian’s don’t use chorizo. We cook linguica Portuguese sausage. They are not the same. Linguica is a staple of any good Santa Maria style bbq gathering. Sliced and served as an appetizer is my favorite. We also will often bbq sweet breads and serve as appetizers as well. They’re delicious. As for the tri-tip sandwiches you really need the original salsa as a condiment. Look up Susie Q Santa Maria salsa recipe and you’ll learn about it. It’s essential. No sauce, ever. Only Santa Maria salsa. It’s not spicy really but it compliments the beef perfectly. Original Santa Maria style bbq is actually top block top sirloin chunks. This predates the 1950’s when tri-tips were coming into popular demand. The top block is MUCH better in my opinion as its incredibly tender and the flavor is soooooooo good. I buy the cryovac bagged sirloin primal cuts and slice them 3-4″ thick myself and thats how I do my traditional bbq. I’m a 3rd generation Santa Maria native for what its worth.

    • Thank you very much Matty for your input and … I stand corrected. My time in California dates back to 1988-90 and I have mistaken Chorizo for Linguica in my memory. I will make the correction.
      Thanks again for setting it str8 🙂

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