Brisket 101

Greetings Carnivores,

I know I’ve been noticeably absent from Blogging for quite some time and, I really have no good excuse other than a complete and TOTAL writers block that only seemed to compound itself as more and more time slipped away. Spring turned into Summer, Summer into Fall and now … I’m firmly in the grip of another frosty Canadian deep freeze.

But, I digress.

My motivation for todays offering comes from my good buddy Steve. He recently purchased his very first electric pellet smoker and has been happily churning out smoked EVERYTHING from Ribs, Wings and Chicken to cheese.

Yesterday I got a message from him saying he wanted to try his very first Brisket and, was in need of some direction regarding what he should be looking for from a butchers point of view.

While I am “somewhat” proficient in the Smokie Arts (I’m not even HALF as good as my friends at,   click here: Patrons of the Pit). I do however, have some expertise in the explanation and selection of the Brisket.

Steve’s question was … “what am I looking for in a Brisket”


Well Steve, the brisket is a heavily marbled, fairly fatty, tough piece of meat from the front quarter of the beef carcass and, it must be cooked low and slow over a number of hours. This low, slow attention to detail, renders this tough cut into something quite magical if treated properly with love, patience and, SMOKE!

Ok so, the whole Brisket itself is rather large and consists of two muscles: the top muscle is known as the Brisket “Point or Deckle” and is heavily marbled. Separating the Point (Deckle) from the bottom muscle, simply known as the “Flat” is a thick layer of heavy fat.

In the above photo, the Brisket is laying with the “Flat” on top and the “Point” (Deckle) on the bottom. When cooking the whole Brisket, you’ll want to remove some of the heavy fat between the two muscles and, I always cook these with the “Flat” muscle side down on the grill. This will promote beautiful basting while the fat renders and bathes the Brisket in moisture.

I myself prefer the Brisket point only because all the buttery internal fat, when rendered over a long low cook is truly something to be savored.

*insert mouth-watering here* 🙂

That’s it for today Carnivores but please, for everything BBQ go and check out Patrons of the Pit … besides being excellent wordsmiths, they are legendary BBQ GAWDS! And, they’ll be able to send you in the right direction 🙂

Stay tuned and … please click “follow” at the top of the page (Carnivore Confidential). You’ll get an email notice every time I write something new. And, … no need to worry about being bombarded with junk … WordPress is VERY responsible 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Brisket 101

  1. So good to see you up and wiping the cyber dust off your website Mr Doug! Welcome back to the fold! I hear you too. Once you get on a roll with something, good or bad, one tends to stay there! But you know, sometimes a blogger just needs a break from it all. Maybe you were just doing that. It’s all for the fun of it anyways. I’m quite sure with your enthusiasm for meat and life, you will no doubt recapture your blogging voice in short order, iffin that’s what you have a mind to do. But regardless, it is very good to see an old familiar bloke pop his head up once again. And thanks for all the plugs. I think you build us up higher than we are tho. We’re just men. And we eat meat.

    Cheers mate!

    • Thank you for your kind support my Smokie Brutha. My self imposed hiatus was particularly rough … the lack of motivation to write was like an infection … it got worse as the time passed. I will dig deeper 🙂

  2. Thanks buddy, how about a part 2 to this story. To brine or not to brine a brisket? If so how long, what is the process?

    • Thank you so much Chef Jeff 🙂 … My self imposed exile from Cyber space just got worse and worse with time … I will dig deeper and find my voice again. I really appreciate your continued support. 🙂
      Stay hungry friend and, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

  3. Pingback: Brisket 101 — Carnivore Confidential – Eat BCS

    • Oh YES Aunti … you must use a “cold” smoking or “offset” method for cheese otherwise, it gets too hot and melts. Try smoking salt as well …smoked salt adds such a DELICIOUS flavour to ANYTHING you use it on 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂 and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AS WELL Auntie 🙂

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