Beef ribs vs. Pork ribs

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Todays’ thoughts come by way of an old friends’ question regarding Beef ribs and how they stack up against the Pork Ribs.

Firstly, the two of them are an obvious “Apples to Oranges” comparison … or, are they?

Structurally, the Beef and Pork carcasses are the same. Same bones, muscles and organs so, it’s safe to say the methods employed to cook them should be the same and, guess what? They are!!

The mighty Beef rib that you commonly find in the butcher shop would be the back rib section, cut from the Prime Rib area of the carcass. Once the Ribeye is removed, these would be considered Beef Back Ribs.

You would “think” these big, beefy ribs would be very tender considering the meat that was on them is the Ribeye but … the butcher rarely leaves any of the tender rib meat on the bone. The retailer can get MUCH more money for the Ribeye than the rib bones so, as I said, the only meat left on the bone is the meat between the bones and, that stuff is pretty tough. That’s not to say that with a little love you can’t turn these big bad boys into something pretty special because … you can!! The secret is … yup, low and slow, the same as the Pork Ribs.

Beef ribs

So, this rib area of the Beef carcass would correspond to the same area on the Pork carcass (AKA “Baby back ribs”) but, there is another “Rib” area on the beef carcass as well. The section that mirrors the Pork Side ribs on the beef carcass is marketed as Beef Short ribs and are sold either boneless or bone-in.

The bone-in portion is VERY popular in Asian cuisine particularly Korean BBQ ribs when cutting across the bone in VERY thin slices. The boneless short ribs, although they LOOK tremendous, need to be cooked long and low.

Just for the record, … one of my FAVOURITIE ways to treat the boneless short rib is to brine it and turn it into Corned beef. If you’re interested, you can check out my post re Brining here.

For my buddy Steve, who asked me the question in the first place … thank you for the blog fodder buddy and, … I hope you will try these bad boys out.


Just remember to take the skin “membrane” off the back of the ribs (both Beef and Pork) before you cook them … that stuff is REALLY chewy and will suck all the fun out of the whole eating experience.

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Smoke Houses, Rib joints, BBQ … and, some REALLY cool roads!

Greetings Carnivores,

Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and finally, New York.

Our whirlwind motorcycle trip wound it’s way through these great States last week, and surrendered some of the BEST roads I have EVER ridden. Please folks, … no angry comments. Let me explain. I have been riding and travelling by motorcycle for over 45 years, had the honour of living all over and, although there are some pretty spectacular two wheeled AND four wheeled destinations located on our “Left” coast and all over this land, … until last week I thought I’d seen the best. Nope, … move over Rockies AND Sierra Nevada.

In my humble opinion, The Tail of the Dragon (US129), The Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway of Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia are the premier riding roads in North America.

Jim Oliver's Smoke House 009

The world Famous “Tail of the Dragon” US129. 318 curves in 11 miles!!!

Now, … before I make this MORE about the motorcycle and less about the meat, I need to say the Smoke Houses, Rib joints and BBQ we encountered along the way were spectacular.

Sadly, the one place I REALLY wanted to visit was the world famous Rendezvous in none other than Memphis Tennessee  … to my great disappointment, there wasn’t enough time to do everything I wanted. *sigh*

So, what’s a guy to do instead?

Head to Lynchburg TN and visit the place where every drop of Jack Daniels Tennessee sippin’ whiskey sold WORLD WIDE is lovingly, painstakingly, thoughtfully handcrafted, of course.

I highly recommend seeing this place for yourselves … even IF you’re not a Bourbon fan. The history is well worth the tour … and, it’s free!

Now then, … the best BBQ joint we had the great good fortune of ‘stumbling’ onto is in the VERY small town of Monteagle Tennessee,  Jim Oliver’s Smoke House, Restaurant and Trading Post

The Ribs were fall off the bone, smoky delicious and the restaurant/Trading Post was a walk through time.

Jim Oliver's Smoke House 001

Soup, salad bar, main course and sides … I had road food for the following day!!

Jim Oliver's Smoke House 004

The Trading Post was a walk through time

I know it’s a bit off the beaten path but … that’s what brought us there in the first place … a ride, off the beaten path.

There are thousands of Smoke Houses and Rib joints, all over this great country. Follow your noses … you’ll discover some real gems.

Thanks to my fellow Gearheads Wes, Davey Boy and Mikey and to my beautiful better half … next time … you and I, two Harleys and the open, twisty road.

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