Paying it forward …

Greetings Carnivores,

I was honoured last week by another Blogger for a recognition award called the Versatile Blogger and I’m very flattered.

It’s a “pay-it-forward” kind of deal and as a nominee, I have a few things I need to do so, here goes.

According to the rules I need to:

1. Acknowledge the person who nominated me.

So … let’s get this party started.

I was nominated by my “Left Coast” buddy Tony whom I’ve never met, and is himself an AMAZING home chef and Carnivore. He comes up with some pretty cool BBQ and Smoker recipes.

Check out his stuff at

2. I need to nominate 15 Bloggers I read, follow and feel are worthy of the same recognition … I REALLY hope you’ll check out their stuff (I think it’s WAY good … ya, I know … poor English)  🙂

Here goes (in NO particular order)

My SoCal Brother from another Mother, and one of the FIRST people who EVER acknowledged and appreciated the stuff I write, Chef Jeff Parker.

My poetic, wordsmith, drop dead amazing, Smokie Bruthas and BBQ Pit Masters extraordinaire, from the great State of Minnesota.

My SUPER WITTY, wonderful writer, chef, wordsmith, and all-round WAY kool m8, and uber tallented Brutha from down Unda, Grazza.

My Hawaiian, Ex-pat Auntie I’ve never met. 🙂

My West Virginian, Pioneer woman Jolynn.

My urban blogger friend, turned sustainable eater.

My M.D., Dr Gary Lum, from the Land-down-unda.

The MOST beautiful cakes you’ll EVER see.

If you LOVE BBQ like I do … Marcus is doing it right, “Across the Pond”.

My “Lawyer-on-hiatus” buddy.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE fishing and, if you do too you’ll appreciate Tj’s work.

Like I said above … I LOVE BBQ, if you do as well check out Mr Dodd.

Comfort food, at it’s best … nuff said. 🙂

Debbie has figured it out … inspiring lifestyle, and all that goes with it.

Last but NOT least I JUST LOVE the way this gurl writes (I HOWL  *tears, rolling down my face* at her posts).

Ok so … that’s 15 but, … I could have easily nominated SOOOO many more.

Next (according to the “rules”) I need to tell the person who nominated me, 7 things about myself …

So Tony, … here you go …

1. I was Born in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, early in November of 1957 (that makes me ALMOST 58 years young).

2. After graduating from High School, I spent 7 years studying at the “School of Hard Knocks” before deciding to head back to University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

3. I spent a year and a half travelling, ALL over the continental U-S of A and Canada (44 thousand Kilometers) on my motorcycle after graduation.

4. There’s nothing, I repeat NOTHING, I love more than my wife, my dogs, my Country and my Motorcycle (and not necessarily in that order)

5. I am a Scorpio, … and if you follow that crap, you KNOW I am a fiercely loyal, friend and lover who takes names in the morning and kicks ass at night.


7. I AM the quintessential “Life of the Party” AND I consider myself VERY fortunate to have MANY, MANY people I love, and consider me a friend.

There you go … I “think” I have fulfilled the requirements for this award …

Thanks again to my “left Coast” Buddy, Tony for the honour …


Dbl Dee

oh and, … I LOVE getting comments and questions so, keep ‘em coming.  🙂

Stay tuned and … please click “follow” at the top of the page (CarnivoreConfidential). You’ll get an email notice every time I write something new.

Until next time Carnivores, stay hungry and as usual, please follow my posts on Twitter @DougieDee and like and share them on Facebook






15 thoughts on “Paying it forward …

  1. You certainly just paid me the biggest compliment in the world by including me in your 15 nominees. Now I’m flattered! Thank you so much! And what a fun read learning about you Dbl Dee! Congratulations on your Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. I could have said ditto for that list! A worthy compilation..Save for those patron guys. You must have been at the sauce again considering that one. But thanks, man.

    I find it kind of cool, that by just blogging about what you love, somehow through the roll of the cyber dice, a little community has formed. A gaggle of like minded souls, who just love what they do. Maybe the internet is good for some things after all. Leastwise things that involve meat.

    Carry on brutha of the beef!

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