Sous-vide, Surgery and a bunch of time on my hands … again.

Greetings Carnivores,

I’ve been away from writing for some time now. Call it what you like, “writers block”, “lack of motivation”, “creative void”, “laziness”, I don’t know. but, … here I sit, one week into ANOTHER extensive surgical re-hab and … I’m faced with a WHOLE bunch of time on my hands.

Yep … I somehow managed to almost COMPLETELY tear my left Biceps tendon off the bone at the end of January, believe it or not … lifting a bag of firewood. You can’t make this stuff up.

I finally got to see the wonderful Orthopedic surgery team, headed by Dr. John Haverstock at the brand new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, and spent a couple of hours last Thursday morning having them reattach it.

Last week was pretty much a wash, dealing with the obvious pain associated with such a fun procedure. Now, … like I said … here I sit.

Ok so, enough of that … todays topic comes from my dinner inspiration, and my very mostest (I know, … not an English word) favouritest (I know … another one … don’t be a hater) kitchen toy, … (“Drum roll please”) … my Anova Sous-vide immersion cooker.

Oh and, no … I’m not being paid to endorse this product … I’m just giving you an honest product review of mine. There are MANY other brands out there to choose from.

Anova Precision Cooker Flowers

I don’t want to sound like I’m jumping on the bandwagon here because, I’m not. A LOT of folks are just now coming around to how AWESOME this method is but … truth is … till just recently, unless you were a professional chef … the rest of us Minions have been in the dark.

I’ve been playing around, using this technique for the past couple of years … as a matter of fact, I originally tried making my own Sous-vide cooker, first using, an insulated cooler then second, a crock-pot but, in both cases … I couldn’t maintain and hold the critical temperature adjustment needed for success.

Now however, I’m currently the proud owner of my second REAL Sous-vide cooker. Not because there was anything wrong with the first one I bought but, more because I was a cheapo and bought the basic one first, then … realized how awesome it was and, shelled out for the second one: the Bluetooth model.

I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite some time now and, … today is the day.

Like I said earlier, Sous-vide has been around for a very long time and is usually exclusively used by high-end restaurants but, thanks to the surging popularity of this method lately, the price has come down significantly so that now … everyone can afford one.

The term “Sous-vide” refers to “cooking under vacuum” but … that’s only a part of this magic. It’s actually a PRECISE method of cooking in a controlled environment … in this case a water bath, where you dial in your desired “doneness” (temperature) and walk away. Whatever you’re cooking can NEVER (well, … actually NEVER is not the right word here because, overcooking in a Sous Vide bath, results in mushiness). The key point here is … the item IN the bath will NEVER exceed the temperature of the vessel it’s being cooked in. There are TONS of cooking tables and time/temp guidelines on the Web … experiment for yourselves.

Here’s the real deal, AWESOME part about cooking Sous vide:

Imagine your next dinner party … Steaks, veggies, potatoes … EVERYTHING done ahead of serving time … sitting there, blissfully hanging out, waiting for you to plate, while YOU, the host, are enjoying pre-dinner cocktails with your guests!

Unless you’ve catered your party … THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

Think of it this way: let’s say you’re aiming for a nice medium rare beef steak (Rib eye for the sake of argument). The “window” you’re aiming for, for med-rare is (128-131 degrees F. for me) That “window” is extremely  hard to hit with conventional cooking methods because of inconsistencies in the cooking vessel, whether it’s a Grill, Oven or Pan, temperature fluctuations, and (click here)  carry-over cooking.

Carry-over cooking is a thing of the past with Sous-vide because the juices NEVER escaped in the first place so, there’s nothing left to do to this steak except hit it with a BLISTERING HOT, cast iron pan just before serving to give it a sweet “char” on the outside.

You don’t even need a high-end vacuum sealer … all you need are zip-lock bags and use the “air displacement” method.

I’ve already gone past my (self-imposed) post word limit for today so, … I’ll leave you with that morsel to digest.

Please check out Sous-vide cooking, Anova, Joule and Sous-vide Supreme on the net and google Sous-vide.

That’s it for today Carnivores 🙂 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Sous-vide, Surgery and a bunch of time on my hands … again.

  1. Hi Doug! Nice to see you back blogging, but more importantly that you are doing well after what must have been a trying time before and after some major surgery.

    Listen….I’m borrowing your first paragraph as I too have been long too absent from the blogging experience. Hopefully you’ve giving me a boost of inspiration.

    I’ve yet to purchase one, but I’ve had steak using the very method you described…and it’s simply awesome. Probably the best steak I’ve ever had. I’m wondering if I could use this method with let’s say a 3-rib Prime Rib Roast? Or is sous-vide better suited for single-use portions?

    Take care buddy and great to have you back!

    • Borrow away buddy … thx, and ya … another friggin’ nasty surgery. Oh well.
      YES !!! YOU CAN SOUS-VIDE ANYTHING … as a matter of fact … check out the you tube channel called “Sous-vide everything” … you’ll love it.
      Thx for checking in buddy …

  2. Welcome back Doug. I’ve missed you. I hope the recovery from the surgery goes well and the repair holds.
    I bought my Anova Culinary precision cooker earlier this year and have loved having it. It’s taken steak, lamb, pork and fish to a whole new level. I love cooking sous vide.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts with sous vide featuring.

  3. Obviously, I must have one of these contraptions! What could be more perfect for preparing rare to medium rare venison? As the Deer Slayer’s wife, I think the decision has been made. I will be touching base with you with questions about this miracle product. Get better soon

    • Nice to hear from you as well DSW 😉
      Check out “Sous-vide everything” on you tube … these guys are very passionate about this method of cooking.
      Thx for stopping by 🙂
      Stay hungry 🙂 🙂

      • I was just rereading your post. I have to admit, when I read it back in May, I didn’t experience the appropriate awe that I did when my nephew whipped up a gorgeous venison roast a few weeks ago. You’re right, though. The experience was magical. Now, I’m shouting from the rooftops, “sous vide” for everyone!”

  4. That’s all well and fine, but can you impart the smokey goodness of the pit that which I accustomed to? I suppose one could cold smoke the meat before dropping into the SOUS-VIDE thing. Hmm. You’ve got me thinking now. How about a whole turkey? Would one of them fit in these here contraptions? Seems like something that would benefit from spot on internal temperature governorship.

    Feel better soon!

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